Our experience working with important brands, allows us to provide our customers creative and effective solutions, generating value to their businesses through the spaces we design.
We adapt the experiences to market dynamics in order to make these more attractive and to connect better with users.

TACA Airlines La Sabana
GAP Store Avenida Escazú

Our studio seeks to awake senses and awareness towards its surroundings to the ones that experience our designs.
Likewise, we offer customized solutions with great spatial and sensorial richness, through the proposal of creative, unique and innovative details.


Detailed project documentation and strict inspection control allow us to guarantee a successful result in each of our projects.
We know how to implement programs and remodel the spaces to transform user’s experience.

La Estación Dos Pinos
Mango Store Guatemala
Johnny Rockets Escazú Village
Carmen Lyra
VV Residence Design by 10˚84˚Studio

We maintain a high commitment to the design of spaces in the present without compromising future generations’ needs.
Our design starts from parameters focused on environmental conservation as well as the reduction of energy consumption and operation costs, with optimum performance and guaranteeing quality of life in our buildings.


Through the incorporation of various passive design strategies our designs reach a high performance level in reducing its environmental impact and energy use during its life cycle.
We aim to achieve a high hygrothermal comfort rating in our projects, while taking full advantage of its surrounding environment to create optimal living spaces without sacrificing connections with nature and the surrounding landscape.

L+A Residence

We are a small group of committed professionals. We believe in generating links between all the parties involved in a project, from its conceptualization to its implementation. The experience gained from working for different brands allows us to lead a team capable of providing the best result.


The recognition for which we constantly work is for the trust and continuity of our exclusive clients.
We have also received some recognitions for our work over the years.


Our works have been published in regional and international magazines and digital media. You can see some of them here.