The CAPITAL Grille
We create memorable experiences

We dive deep into the fundamental essence of our partners to know the brand.
We ask the right questions to define the strategy and tell a story, which will positively impact the customers.
We work with an interdisciplinary team to provide customized solutions that generate an immersive experience, with extraordinary results, capable of touching the senses.

We dive deep in the essence of our partners

We adapt and anticipate our client’s needs, taking into account their requirements for proper operation.
We provide the right answers in the right time, based on the experience of our team, involving all relevant parties for decision making.
We work constantly to improve operation and reduce maintenance costs.

Springfield Store Cartago
We foster wellness in our spaces

We focus on reducing environmental impact of our designs by using passive strategies and climate adaptation.
We create spaces for optimal living without disconnecting from nature, achieving comfort and well-being.

We design effective solutions

We solve problems by proposing strategies and adapting the spaces to respond to the business.
We innovate in how to attract clients, seeking to generate brand loyalty and repeated visits, offering an experience that improves the connection and relevance for the consumer.

Lead by nature

We create unique solutions for unique clients. We seek the welfare and growth of users through spaces that allow comfort.
We take into account the needs of the environment and those of the project, connecting with the senses to generate a positive impact on users.