The optimization of all opportunities for your space is carried out when it is most important: at the beginning of the design process, which will allow you to define strategies to save time and money in future stages. We work efficiently and in detail, making sure to explore different scenarios and discover what will work best to achieve set objectives.


Considers the meeting and analysis of documents required as well as the conditions established by both governmental and municipal norms and regulations that will directly and indirectly affect the project. Design development includes the detailing and incorporation of changes defined during preliminary studies. It considers floor plans and 3D views required to define the concept and fundamental elements of the project.

Implementing BIM tools capabilities, we create collaboration between all disciplines involved in the project, as well as manage design intent and changes more quickly during its concept and development stages, increasing the ability to impact costs.
A set of blueprints, incorporating changes and final details from previous phase, is developed in order to understand all the technical aspects that define the construction system, finishes and style of the project, which will allow General Contractor to build. Technical Specifications of the constructive system and finishes are included to serve as guide of quality requested by the designer.
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This phase includes the management of construction permits process, including all the procedures, requirements and complementary documents required by institutions in charge of their approval.

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It refers to the supervision during construction process, to ensure its execution in accordance with Constructive Documents. We act as Owner’s advocate by answering contractor’s questions and clarifying documents as required.


Projected conditions for the building are evaluated taking on count materials and building envelope, which lead to a series of recommendations seeking a positive impact in providing a maximum hygrothermal comfort to users as well as a reduction in energy consumption, thus operative costs of the project.


Site Design seeks to define the right place on site to develop the project, as well as the proper location of its components, through the analysis of the multiple variables and regulations that may exist.


We generate the concept, design development and construction plans of all green elements of open spaces, whether public or private; choosing the right material according to its qualities and site conditions, in order to adapt in the best way to the environment.