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Adrián Aguilar-González


Graduated as an Architect from the VERITAS University (2002), he has a Master’s Degree in Tropical Architecture from the University of Costa Rica (2015), which focuses on interdisciplinary studies that cover bioclimatic techniques, the use of renewable energies and sustainable design applied to the architecture. He has studied Hotel Planning and Design at Cornell University, New York, United States of America.
Some of his works with the firm have been exhibited at the London Festival of Architecture 2010, in England. He has also been a guest speaker at the Glasgow Institute of Architects (2015) to exhibit his work.

MSc. Arch. Laura Soto-Bernardini

Laura Soto-Bernardini


Graduated from the VERITAS University (2002) obtaining an honors degree in the Landscaping and Site Design Master at the University of Costa Rica (2008).
She has been a member of the Costarrican Association of Landscape Architects [ASOPAICO] since 2007. Laura has been recognized with the Landscape Architecture Award and the Maranta Award during the X Costa Rica Architecture Biennial (2010) and as second place in the same category in 2012. She has been invited as a Jury in the International Biennial of Architecture of Costa Rica, organized by the College of Architects of Costa Rica.


Daniela Rodríguez Ramírez


Graduated from VERITAS University (2019), Daniela has experience and interest in social and urban issues, which is shown in her degree thesis called ”Vertical Neighborhood: Solidarity Architecture in Improving the Quality of Life”. She has worked in informal settlements around Latin America, including a 4 months internship in Venezuela, working directly in the subject.
She has courses and experience in Appraisals and NFPA regulations, trough courses carried out by the College of Architects of Costa Rica.

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Luis Carlos Sánchez Picado


Architect from VERITAS University (2002), he has developed extensive experience in the concept, design, planning, budget control and construction of projects. He has experience supervising personnel and contractors, as well as in control of expenses and progress of works in order to ensure the quality of projects. Luis Carlos also collaborates in the creation of marketing strategies and project sales, as well as in the technical solution of the firm’s projects and their respective technical specifications.


07 ASS

Andrea Sancho Salas


Architect from the University of Costa Rica with an emphasis on bioclimatic design and energy simulation. Andrea completed Postgraduate Studies in natural and artificial lighting design at VERITAS University. She is Master’s Degree candidate in Tropical Architecture at the University of Costa Rica. Also has postgraduate studies in Master of Technological Innovation, from the Polytechnic University of Madrid.
Andrea has extensive experience as an architect in sustainable construction projects, simulation and energy efficiency, and artificial and natural lighting design. In addition, she is a Teacher and Researcher at the Tropical Architecture Laboratory of the University of Costa Rica.